The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert Comment

Each week, we’re sent hundreds of pieces of advertisement-y work that falls into the fun-to-watch-video category. There’s not enough time in the day to think up copy for all of them so here’s a round-up of the best ad-related video we’ve seen in the last 7 days. You’re welcome.

6. presents a film by Jacob Sutton that take a typical snowboarding video, turns off the daylight, and replaces it with hundreds of LEDs covering this LED Surfer. Shot on a Red Epic, the result is mesmerizing. This changes snowboarding filmmaking, or at least dents it. Here’s more.


Jeremy Lin. Yes, he’s awesome. But what’s that mean in terms of the Knicks? Well, according to YouTube trends, Lin’s name is among the top rising search terms globally on YouTube last week. Lin’s success is the Knicks’ success, and that translates to brand value as well. More here.


Apple’s release of OS X Mountain Lion created a big stir. As usual, their toppling product demo for the service causes the Mac lover’s brain to tickle.


Who needs commercials when your product, a child’s toy, has been used to make a robotic prosthetic? Yes, it is all about the product.


Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog is Leo Burnett’s ode to real dogs for Purina. Watching this made us realize that the reason dog advertising has so much potential is that even when trained canines are used, there’s a sense that what’s happening is very much real. That subconscious response triggers our gushy-glands, resulting in instant puppy overload.


The time, Bentley debuted the new Continental by flying it over Munich with a helicopter.