The BCS National Championship: Now in 3D!

By Bob Marshall Comment

You’ve experienced this “American football” thing before on your TV with mixed to positive results. If you’ve become a fan of the game from the confines of your living room, why not make an impulsive purchase today and buy one of those Sony 3D televisions in time for tonight’s BCS National Championship?

Just imagine watching Oregon’s duck mascot flying at your children while they fetch you a beer. Or, imagine seeing Auburn quarterback Cam Newton dive over tacklers to score a touchdown followed by a celebratory dance right in front of your couch. Come to think of it, The Vault NYC and production company Nice Shoes may have found the perfect market for their client. If your disgraced father tried to sell you off to competing universities at a substantially higher price than a college scholarship, odds are he’s watching the game from home as NCAA rulings limit him access to your school’s athletic department. Luckily for him, the Sony 3D TV doesn’t judge its viewers, and your father and his best 3D-goggled buds can watch you sprint into college football history books anyway.

Credits after the jump.

Agency: The Vault NYC
Agency Creative Director: Jon Paley
Agency Producer: Sally Kapsalis
Director: Timothy Kendall

Editorial: Fortress of Evil
Editor: C. Scott Gorman

Color Grading: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Steve Gatti
Producer: Pat Portela

Post/Effects: Nice Shoes
CD: Aron Baxter
VFX Artist(s): Russ Bigsby, Vincent Roma, Bryan Rosenblum
Head of Production: Michael Donovan
Producer: Joe Hobaica

Design: Nice Shoes
Animator: James Collins