That Guy Who Sold his Last Name is Back, Selling his Last Name Again

By Bob Marshall Comment


Last year, AgencySpy brought you coverage of graphic designer Jason Sadler, some guy who wanted to make selling himself out as crazy and overblown as possible.

He began his foray into the world of turning himself into a walking billboard for money with, a website where people could volunteer to wear sponsors; t-shirts around for a fee because they were really hard up or something. Next, Sadler decided to take his experiments into human commercialism to the next level with, a site that allowed him to auction off his last name for the entirety of 2013 for $45,500 to

Now, evidently out of ideas, Jason HeadphonesDotCom will auction off his name once more for 2014 before taking his great-grandfather’s name until he dies or gets bored. What’s in it for brands? Well, check out this little nugget from the press release:

The company associates $250,000 in sales and just over $6 million of advertising impressions in less than two months directly to purchasing the rights to Jason’s last name. “The publicity impact was beyond belief. Our recognition factor jumped right away and still lasts now. Best $45k I have ever spent,” said Mike Faith, CEO.

So, there you have it, if you’re a brand on par with The winning sponsor will also have their brand name appear on the cover of Jason’s new book (which you’ll find info about at, what else,, so really, you can’t go wrong. Bid at