‘Tad’ Talks Cloud Computing for Microsoft

By Bob Marshall Comment

From Deutsch NY comes a new campaign for Microsoft focusing on the software company’s cloud computing solutions.

The spots star “Tad,” a phony Ron Burgundy-esque salesperson for fictional IT company VMlimited (who Deutsch and Microsoft introduced in a series of spots last year). Giving a room of IT professionals bad advice about Virt-based innovation, Tad turns his mustache up at the notion of cloud computing. Apparently (as I don’t speak IT), Tad’s business networking solutions are as old-fashioned as his verbiage and manner of dress.

Is this funny? To be perfectly honest, I generally have no idea what Tad’s talking about, other than, according to Microsoft’s dose of reverse psychology, “virt” = lame and “cloud” = good. So, to truly judge the effectiveness of this three-minute video, I’d suggest you send it to an nearby IT guy or gal and see what they think of it. Also, feel free to ask him or her what’s so special about supporting “multiple hypervisors” while you’re at it. Visit the campaign’s microsite here and view credits here.