Taco Bell Makes Canadians Eat Their Words

By Erik Oster Comment

When the Doritos Locos Taco came to America, envious fans north of the border had to content themselves with the knowledge that while Americans had a taco with a Doritos shell, they still had universal healthcare and a lack of violent crime. Still, many Canadian Taco Bell fans grew bitter and disheartened as they waited, now for nearly two years, for Doritos Locos to make the trip north. Many lost hope. Some tweeted or posted on Facebook angrily. (Yes, apparently people  in Canada do occasionally get angry over something other than hockey.)

So Taco Bell and agency Grip Limited chose to target those Canadians who tweeted or posted angrily to be the first to try the Doritos Locos Tacos in Canada. But they took things a step further, actually etching the angry tweets and posts (in at least one case containing an expletive) into the coveted taco shell with a laser. The disgruntled fans were then invited to a “special fan event,” presented with the tacos and asked to “eat their words.” Those who thought that Taco Bell would never roll out Doritos Locos north of the border were more than happy to be proven wrong. One fan even said, “This is one of the greatest moments of my life,” which is kind of depressing, really.


Agency: Grip Limited

CD: Ben Weinberg

CD: Pat Andrews

CW: Trevor Gourley

AD: Julia Morra

Social Content Strategist: Patrick Tomasso

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Editor: Duane Vandermeulen