Ta No Mapa! Draws a More Complete Rio de Janeiro


By Jordan Teicher Comment

In America, we may have to worry about politicians manipulating our maps, but at least we know that the maps themselves are complete. In Brazil, that’s not something the people can take for granted. In Rio, for example, there are more than 1,000 favelas that simply appear as blank or incomplete spaces on maps. However, some folks at JWT Brazil just launched a campaign with the educational organization Afroreggae that will let students in Rio conduct research and accurately draw a new map that includes the favelas. The goal of “Ta No Mapa!” is to let kids interview business owners and ultimately manage the online mapping platform as a means of social communication. Think of it as digital networking for future employees who, until this point, have limited access to this type of social media entrepreneurship and creativity.

JWT and Afroreggae hope to expand to other cities and favelas in the future if the project succeeds. Bem feito and credits after the jump.



HEAD OF PLANNING: Fernand Alphen

HEAD OF ART: Fabio Simões

COPY: Sleyman Khodor, Paulo Amaral, Helio Marques

ART DIRECTION: Lucas Reis, Henry Kage, Fernanda Sousa, Vitor Veras


PRODUCER: Paula Ferrari

PHOTOGRAPHY: Regis Fernandez


DIRECTOR: Gabriel Gemenez

AUDIO: S de Samba

VOICEOVER: Simoninha

MEDIA: Maira Toledo, Elaine Endo


DIGITAL PRODUCER: Rodrigo Alberini

USER EXPERIENCE: Mayra Sasso, Carolina Tod

OTHER CREDITS: Maplink, Fillet, Digibase