Stride Wants the Masses to Break 100 Records

By Kiran Aditham Comment

While we usually reach hurriedly for the Dentyne Ice at whatever bodega’s within walking distance, apparently Stride Gum might be worth a try as it bills itself as “ridiculously long-lasting.” Guess that might help when we finally realize we’ve been chewing the same piece of gum for an hour. Anyhow, JWT is seeking to increase awareness of the Kraft Foods brand by shooting 100 teaser videos for the campaign, which challenges consumers to break 100 records over the next 100 days. Sense a theme here? After the 100 days expire, the 100 record-breakers will each win $500 in cash. Hey, at least it buys a hell of a lot of groceries. You can check out the daily happenings/challenges of the Stride Gum campaign on its Facebook page, though we doubt it’s hard to top a guy who’s kicking his own ass.

But that’s not all. After the jump, check out a new Stride spot called “Chase” starring carrot-topped Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.