SS+K, B-Reel Launch New AFL-CIO Site

By Bob Marshall Comment

Credit Stephen Colbert for bringing the term “Super PAC”  to the public’s attention during this election season. If you aren’t a regular viewer of the Colbert Report, see the work paid for by the Super PAC known as Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow by watching this political ad for Herman Cain, a man who’s such a Washington outsider that “he’s not even running for president.”

Of course, in reality (aka not the South Carolina Primary), big name Super PACs like the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) are in the midst of gussying themselves up for this election. As the AFL-CIO’s main focus is on workers’ rights, its new “Work Connects Us All” campaign from SS+K seeks to reach out to those in a variety industries where AFL-CIO’s work may not be readily apparent. For the slick new site, SS+K partnered with production co. B-Reel to make the project come to life, who’s NYC Executive Producer Max Ahlborn speaks favorably of AFL-CIO’s mission.

He says in a statement, “In Sweden, where I am from, unions have traditionally played a very prominent role building the society from ground up and are currently facing a lot of the same issues as unions of the 2000’s do in the US. They all are in need of changing the public perception of them from being just against policy to being for an equal, just, modern and progressive society. By adding some positivity and forward-thinking, this website is a strong step forward.”

Visit, compare it to AFL-CIO’s current site for a laugh, and view credits after the jump.

Client: AFL-CIO
Agency: SS+K
CCO: Kash Sree

Creative Director, Art: Tim Hanrahan
Creative Director, Copy: Tony Stern
Copywriter: Nathan Phillips
Art Director: Alvaro Rivera
Director of Production: John Swartz
Executive Producer, TV: Kelly Fagan
Executive Producer, interactive: Elizabeth La
Sr. Producer, interactive: Craig von Wiederhold

Partner/Executive: Rob Shepardson
Account Lead: Mallory Solomon, Account Supervisor, Michael Moffo, VP

Production Company, website: B-Reel
Production Company, TV: Zelman Studios/Kids with Candy
Editor, TV: Peter Johnson, Consulate Editorial
Music, TV: Search Party