So, Two Priests Walk into a Church, and Get Married

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

At least, that’s the world Swedish fashion designer Bjorn Borg wants you to think about. Check out the ad above. It’s nice, but when you see the two white collars it gets a bit odd.

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We agree with Adrants’ Steve Hall, who writes, “gay marriage should not be such a big deal.” Judge, lest ye be judged, people. But our queasy belly has nothing to do with the gay marriage aspect &#151 it’s the weirdness of two priests getting married in their uniforms (uniforms? outfits? whatevs).

The priesthood doesn’t allow “marriage” of its priests because they’re supposed to devote themselves to the church &#151 not other people. Same goes for nuns, etc. Deacons, on the other hand, are much like priests and are allowed to get married, have families, et al. So, that part doesn’t really make sense. Why would the priests actually wear their garb? Deacons don’t wear the white collar, last we checked. So is this a big, “Hey God, we’re here and we’re queer” moment? Not likely. At least, not in reality.

Still, we’re presented with a nice moment, and given the failure of prop 8 (and moreover the failure of Californians to let people live their lives) we say &#151 well done.