Seattle Cancer Org Urges You to Just ‘Do One Thing’

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Well, we were somewhat intrigued by the pitch on this one, which read, “Cancer hospital hard at work putting itself out of business. One step at a time.” Come again? Well, not to worry folks, the message is not quite as self-destructive as it sounds, but rather a more eye-catching way of letting us know that the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is turning its focus from treatment to prevention in its latest campaign (though we’re assuming treatment still remains top priority).

Dubbed “Do One Thing,” the new marketing effort for SCCA created by hometown agency Frank Unlimited veers away from the often preachy, overbearing overtones of many a health-related campaign and suggests instead to change just one habit then go from there. Hence the message:  “You don’t have to change everything. You don’t have to do everything. Just do one thing. Every day, pick one healthy thing, and do it.” We think we can vibe with the no-pressure mantra of this effort, which is  primarily aimed at adult women, 45+. After the jump, peep the animated clip from fellow Seattle shop, Kalakala, and New York Times op-ed illustrator, Drew Christie, that supports “Do One Thing.”