R/GA ACD Pens Book, Likely Ruins Any Future Chance with McCann

By Kiran Aditham Comment

While this wouldn’t necessarily qualify him as an author per se, R/GA San Francisco ACD Ted McCagg is nonetheless releasing a book this Monday called Paper Doll Orgy (hey, it’s only $9 and some change on Amazon), which is a compilation of drawings and doodles that he’s posted daily on his blog, “Questionable Skills.” While we await our copy, McCagg has stoked our interest by leaking an excerpt from the Acknowledgments section of his book, which gives us a clue as to just how much of a treat it probably was for the creative to be toiling as a freelancer at McCann SF. He thanks said agency, for “without whose brain-numbing, soul-killing freelance job I would have never found the need to do something creative every day, and thus, started to produce these drawings.” To be fair, though, isn’t any freelance job pretty “soul-killing?”

Though we don’t see a CCO gig–or any gig for that matter–at McCann in his future, at least McCagg has a kindred spirit in Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, whose writing team has never minced words when it comes their feelings about the IPG-owned agency.