Rethink Canada Explains the ‘Rules of the Round’ for Rickard’s Beer

By Erik Oster Comment

Rethink Canada’s new campaign for Molson-Coors owned Rickard’s Beer could double as a public service announcement, sharing important “Rules of the Round” for pub-goers everywhere. To make these rules sound more official, they have them delivered by a British bloke, because everything sounds smarter with a British accent. These rules are further illustrated by rudimentary stop-motion animation, accompanied by occasional graphics. It’s a charming approach that really makes me want to like Rickard’s Beer, and is also remarkably sharable.

These “Rules of the Round” answer important questions, such as who is responsible for the first round (the person in closest proximity to the bar), what to do about “The Late Joiner” and how to properly mock “The Fancy Pants.” At the conclusion of any of these spots, the viewer is directed to the other two “Rules of the Round.” Thank you, Rethink Canada and Rickard’s Beer for documenting these pub rules. We see them broken all too often. Check out “The Late Joiner” below, and stay tuned for “The Fancy Pants” after the jump. Let’s hope Rethink Canada sticks with the “Rules of the Round” approach going forward, as there are plenty of rules left unexplored.