Recent College Grad Launches Creative Director Self-Help Site

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Would a Creative Director take advice from anyone, regardless of the source? What if that source is a recent UNC grad offering up satirical tips about the industry in exchange for a chance to work? Well, if you’re a CD looking to fill an open position, you might want to check out

The website comes from Jared Wicker, a young, nomadic copywriter looking to lose “nomadic” from his unofficial bio. We covered another of Wicker’s side projects – “Dining with Dems” – last September, when he was interning with BooneOakley. While his old site was more of a specific flavor of the week, the new site is essentially a long resume full of images, memes, and clever text. We’ve seen these types of self-promotional ventures before, some good, some boring. Wicker’s work finds a way to stand out with novelty ideas like Rapid Feedback Cards. He may not be the guy who modeled his resume after an Amazon Product Page, which is still number one in my book, but the effort shows. Give it a view, and help out a nomad.