Quietroom Imagines Santa as a Brand with Satirical Holiday Site

By Erik Oster Comment

*Santa* Brand BookU.K. based shop Quietroom re-imagines Santa — changed to *Santa* because “the introductory asterisk reminds customers of a snowflake alighting on the eyelash of a fawn,” while the terminating asterisk “points customers to the polar star, and hence the birth of dreams” — as an international brand at a new site purporting to be Santa’s brandbook.

It’s kind of a weird idea, but Quietroom pulls it off with distinctly British dry humor, and parts of it are pretty funny. Quietroom does an excellent job mocking how brands talk about themselves. Some highlights include “Our brand house is constructionalised on a foundation of deceit, which is sunk deep within a bedrock of gullibility,” the white on white logo, the “Mandatory Venn diagrams” and the brand assets schematics asking “Who else is occupying *Santa*’s space?” (turns out it’s Hagrid), measuring fattiness and beardiness. If you’re in the holiday spirit and are looking for some laughs, it’s worth a few minutes to go check it out. Let us know what you think in the comments section.