Plan This Why Dontcha?

By SuperSpy Comment

We’re always being sent or wandering across some wonderful culturally attuned links. Alas, we have no place to put them. Ah, yes! Time for a new category. Hey planners? This new link dump is just for you. Got a link to share? Send it to superspyin at gmail dot com.

– Britain’s big brother CCTV cameras have accidentally collected massive amounts of data on how people behave when violence is in the air. (link)

– The biological implications of ‘social networking.’ (PDF)

– Can African-Americans find their voice in cyberspace?: A conversation with Dayna Cunningham and Henry Jenkins. (link)

– Microsoft imagines the future (again). This time, the company fast forwards to 2019. (link)

– A completely unscientific (yet accurate) look at social sites. (link)

Dmitry Orlov on the social collapse best practices in the video above. He’s charmingly awkward. Skip to 4 minutes and get right in the good stuff.

– Researchers at the University of California, Davis, mapped the brain activity of a group of students listening to music, and found that the region of the brain that supports and retrieves memories is also a hub linking memories, emotion, and familiar music. (link)