Periscope Promotes Toro with Backyard Wedding

By Erik Oster Comment

That’s just grass-clippings in your eye, right?

Minneapolis-based independent agency Periscope launched a spring campaign for Toro centered around a 30-second broadcast spot that gets pretty emotional about lawn care.

The spot opens on a backyard wedding just after the bride and groom kiss. From there it goes back to the preparations for the event, from setting up the chairs and rolling out the cake to dad mowing the lawn with his Toro TimeCutter.

The conclusion takes a look back even further, to when the daughter first told dad she wanted to get married in her own backyard, followed by the lines “When it matters” and “Count on it.” A transition to the moment occurs when the father recalls the memory as he prepares his Toro TimeCutter to trim the lawn, a transition that ties Toro to both emotional moments.

“That’s where our brand comes in,” Rob Little, marketing director for Toro’s RLC Business, said in a statement. “Toro’s ability to empower people to take charge is what guides the underlying theme of this campaign. It’s about taking charge of your outdoor space and your destiny, by equipping yourself with the best possible tools to achieve your objective, which in this case is creating a perfect backyard moment.”

“Toro products have always had a reputation for quality and dependability, and we wanted to demonstrate the importance of that in your life,” added Periscope chief creative officer Peter Nicholson. “Caring for your lawn is a necessity, but a backyard is much more than grass. It’s where life happens. It’s where memories are made. We wanted to remind everyone of this personal and emotional value because it matters. Toro gets that. It’s why you can count on Toro.”

The broadcast spot will run through May, with support from radio, digital, SEO/SEM, social media and PR initiatives.

Creative: Periscope
Production Company: Washington Square Films
Director: Michael McCourt