Pepsi Brings NFL Obsessions to a New High/Low with ‘Are You Fan Enough?’

By Jordan Teicher Comment

For the entire 2013 NFL season, Pepsi will be asking football fans to ramp up their fandom. For some people, those people who treat Sunday as religious but not because of church, there is no questioning whether they are fan enough. Those obsessed fans may want to turn down the fandom a few notches, like Barry Lemke, a kooky New York Giants supporter who tries to prove his dedication to Big Blue wide receiver Victor Cruz. Lemke can’t find his Giants jersey, but he does have a separate bed from his wife covered in Victor Cruz sheets, among other paraphernalia.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Dirk and Jill Mulroy, Bengals fans who will do whatever it takes to impress Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton. I don’t want to ruin the gags, let’s just say Andy Dalton Fragrance and leave it at that for after the jump. Both spots feature heavy product placement even though the plots don’t have anything to do with Pepsi. The writing and acting makes for a really potent combination. A lot of commercials try too hard to be funny – these two try and succeed.