Olive Garden’s Brand Redesign Poorly Received

By Erik Oster Comment

460xDespite Darden Restaurant Inc. executives’ reassurances to analysts Monday that they could bring about a ” ‘brand renaissance’ at the Italian chain with a new look and updated menu that presented food with ‘flair and sophistication’ ” the brand redesign has thus far been poorly received. CEO Clarence Otis acknowledged,”We certainly recognize that industry dynamics have changed considerably over past two years,” the AP reports.

The troublesome new logo met with its share of (quite fair, we think) criticism since its release, with shares reportedly down 5% the day of its unveiling. Additionally, according to our tipster, “many consumers are complaining about the new look and feel of the brand.” In case you were wondering, the menu changes include additional small dishes and an option to mix and match pastas and sauces. But we know you’re just there for the unlimited breadsticks anyway.