Mullen Gets A New Commander In Chief

By SuperSpy Comment


Stephen Hahn-Griffiths is the new EVP, director of brand planning at Mullen. He came to the shop via Doner who just won the Amazon account. Adweek notes the recent hiring spree that has gone on at Mullen, which includes Matt Fischvogt, CD innovation and integration; Julie Coulton in June as SVP, director of digital media and ECD Mark Wenneker.

A fast, loose recap of Mullen’s movement this year so far: In May, Mullen launched a blog for the public relations practice called relentlessPR that was started up this year. You see, CCO Edward Boches (pictured above) believes that “an integrated environment is the best place to practice PR both for the public relations professional and the client.” Hear! Hear!

The Wenham, MA shop is currently in the pitch for the WSJ, but they’ve already been cut from the $145M estimated pitch for Wachovia on which they were defending. They also lost Marshall’s to Greed, Sex. This year, they landed Adventures By Disney and something called, Kingsdown Mattress and Hollywood Tans. Does that make up for the Wachovia account? Probably not, but winning is winning.

Meanwhile, their Mediahub business, which handles media chores, has been nailing accounts at a rapid clip fro Orbitz to Timberland. They kept their chores on the LendingTree account while creative went to EuroRSCG.

Mullen is diverse. Their bottom line with all these little businesses is probably intact. Wachovia or no Wachovia. Sure it hurt, but they’re not going to sink anytime soon.