More Details on WWF and DDB Brasil, Olbermann Makes Agency Worst Person in the World

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

First, Keith Olbermann made the staff of DDB Brasil his worst people in the world. Cut to 2:32.

Update: And now there’s a video version.

The ad above is another that was apparently created by DDB Brasil for the World Wilflife Fund, a global network of organizations who in some cases employ their own local advertisers. With regard to the fake 9/11 ad, WWF Brasil (the local group) had done work with DDB Brasil.

A WWFUS representative told us the 9/11 ad was pitched to WWF Brasil, but they killed it. It is still unclear how it ended up being submitted to the OneShow, but according to the New York Daily News the team that created it is no longer with DDB Brasil.

The reactions online and in the media have not been mixed; many have lambasted DDB Brasil for producing the ad while still others deride the One Club for awarding it.

The One Club did not immediately respond to a request for comment, probably because the office is closed this week. Everyone is on vacation, we hear. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to another piece. It is unclear if this and the spot above are spec or legitimate, but it is unremarkable by comparison. Thanks to the source who sent this to us.

That WWF Ad: Yeah, It’s Fake