Miami Ad School Grad Bids Eerie Farewell

By Kiran Aditham Comment

It’s been a while since we’re covered some ad school-related stunt like this, hasn’t it? I dunno, maybe not, but we’re senile. Anyways, it seems this video’s been up for quite some time and it comes from one Mustafa Ulker, a Miami Ad School copywriting grad who’s come up with a rather ominous way to bid farewell to his institution and land a proper agency gig in the process. Ah, gone are the days when two ad school gals could just say to an agency, hire us or we’ll get married. Now, we have this, in which Ulker bought up domains that are not actually sanctioned by Miami Ad School, at least we think, but have the names and cities in which MAS is housed involved nonetheless.

Hey, according to Ulker, it seemed to have worked the first time when he bought the domain and eventually landed a slot in the school. Can the budding copywriter, who’s now based in NYC, recapture the magic again? Well, he’s fresh out of MAS, agency world, so your move. You can read his full manifesto here.