Martin Williams Brews New Site for Charitable Beer Brand, Finnegans

By Erik Oster Comment

Minneapolis-based, Omnicom-owned agency Martin Williams has crafted a new site for Minnesota-based brewing company Finnegans. What sets Finnegans apart is their pledge to donate 100% of profits to feed the hungry, an admirable deed for any company and (to our knowledge at least) pretty unheard of in the beer market.

Martin Williams VP/GCD Steve Casey said, “…our biggest priority was making sure the brand’s unique mission was front and center,” and that’s certainly the case. The new site features an introductory video (featured above), as well as text explaining who the company is and what their unique mission entails: donating all of its profits to a community fund where it is used to buy produce from local farms that is then donated to food shelves to be distributed. It’s such a noble mission, it doesn’t even really matter if the beer tastes good. The video introduces the viewer to a cast of characters including Finnegans CEO Jacquie Bergland, Head Brewer Damian McConn, and Laura Frerichs of Loon Organics farm. If you have a spare 2:53, it’s worth it for for an uplifting look at a brewery making a positive impact — which is especially nice on a Monday.

Martin Williams‘ new site for Finnegans also offers up information and pairing suggestions for the two varieties of Finnegans beer, a calendar of events, a store locator, and lets you pick up all kinds of Finnegans gear. There are also opportunities to become a Finnegans intern or brand ambassador, as well as to volunteer or donate to Finnegans Community Fund.

While we couldn’t really say anything about the quality of the beer — Finnegans is only available regionally in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota — we’d recommend picking up some Finnegans anyway, if you can find it where you live. How often can you feel good about donating to a worthy cause, while simultaneously getting your drink on? Let us know what you think of Finnegans beer, and their unique brand mission, in the comments section.