Mark Moll Dreams Up ‘Take Your Non-Ad Person to Work Day’

By Kiran Aditham Comment

We had no idea, but today is in fact “Take Your Child to Work Day. So, what better time then to cover “Take Your Non-Ad Person to Work Day,” which was conceived by Mark Moll, who you might remember from his days as an ECD at R/GA or as an SVP/creative director at Leo Burnett. Anyhow, Moll’s back with a new passion project of sorts, one he’s been working on for the past few months, that aims to clarify to those outside of the industry just what it is that advertising creatives do. According to Moll, “Most people in our lives don’t understand what us advertising creative people do every day. They think they get it, but honestly they have no idea. Our jobs are not easy to understand. People understand what bankers, salespeople and even accountants do, but not creatives.”

Thus, we have the somewhat tongue-in-cheek but sincere “Take Your Non-Ad Person to Work Day,”  which Moll is trying to promote to agencies via a handful of posters that were art directed by Jason Busa. It’s great in theory but would it be the same in practice? Guess time will only tell. Check out a few larger images after the jump.