Lupe Fiasco Takes Over Union Square with ‘LASERS’

By Bob Marshall Comment

Chicago-based rapper Lupe Fiasco is releasing his third full-length album and first in four years, LASERS, on March 8. As the politically conscious and socially aware rapper’s latest album LupE.N.D. was postponed indefinitely after disputes with Atlantic Records, LASERS has been highly-anticipated since Lupe announced his work on the project late last year.

Last Thursday, mobile application RedLaser and San Francisco-based Swirl Integrated Marketing produced the above spectacle, causing hundreds of Lupe Fiasco fans to gather at Union Square in Lower Manhattan. Uniting hip-hop with QR Codes is, of course, what the American Dream is all about, and the QR Code projected on the side of the building allowed mobile users with RedLaser installed to pre-order LASERS on the spot. Indeed, QR Codes can bring a fan base together in eager anticipation, and they look really neat when they’re combined with one of those anarchy logos. Check out another clip after the jump.