‘Leo Burnet’ Makes 2011 Cannes Predictions

By Bob Marshall Comment

With another Cannes International Advertising Festival on the way comes Leo Burnett’s 24th annual Lions predictions, consisting of a reel that includes 40 campaigns from around the world that the agency predicts are the top contenders to take home Lions this year. 2010’s predictions were pretty dead-on, with the 40 taking home 90 Lions including 12 of the 15 Grand Prix honors.

So, how did the agency come to its conclusion that W+K’s Old Spice campaign would win big on the French Riviera? As their press release states, “It was a tedious process for sure: a team led by Leo Burnett Worldwide CCO Mark Tutssel viewed thousands of campaigns, monitored global and local award shows and followed the general industry buzz to select the work for this year’s collection.” That does sound pretty tedious and time consuming, doesn’t it?

You can view the entire list as well as an interactive PDF version on Leo Burnett’s blog, but may we direct your attention to number 29, Allstate’s “Mayhem,” which is credited to “Leo Burnet.” We’re obviously not ones to talk but you gotta love the irony.

Update: Looks like they fixed the typo already. A+ for reaction time, guys.