Launchpad NYC Dresses Up Its ‘Darlings’ in an Office Outfit Challenge

By Ella Riley-Adams Comment

We’re no stranger to an agency fashion blog. They seem to pop up fairly often, as they’re the perfect way to practice vanity and self-indulgence until Cannes. Matt Van Hoven (former Agency Spy) and his Vitro colleague Jorge Ramirez competed against one another in a playful Best Dressed Challenge with themes like, “Post Wedding Brunch Chic” and “Vintage,” while BBH NY maintained a now-defunct “Working it at Work” fashion notebook.

To add to the collection, Launchpad NYC has their “Office Outfit Challenge,” where “5 advertising darlings get creative with their closets and pull off a fashion magazine miracle.”

If I were Anna Wintour I would put my sunglasses on and promptly exit the room, but as it is I will say that this is a great exercise in hyperbolic showiness. Whether wearing the print of their choice or daring “unexpected color combinations,” these girls push no limits and make no statements. A JC Penney’s catalogue might provide a better image of innovation.

Sure, it’s all for fun. But if these darlings are representing a boundary-pushing creative agency, they should rise to greater challenges.