‘Kentucky Kicks Ass’ Gang Unveils Case Study, Vows to Continue Kicking Ass

By Kiran Aditham Comment

And the saga continues. The good ol’ boys behind the “Kentucky Kicks Ass” campaign–agency creatives Whit Hiler, Griffin VanMeter and Kent Carmichael, specifically–have compiled all the kudos and press/social media over its two-month existence while providing a status update of sorts in the three-minute case study above. As you can see, the initial pooh-poohing from the Kentucky Tourism Department did little to deter the lads’ grassroots rebranding campaign, which not only garnered national media attention via NPR and Conan O’Brien, but even piqued the interest of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, who seems, well, kinda into it.

Whether this will ever actually translate into an official motto change is yet to be determined (“lots of expensive signage to change out” among other issues) but Hiler says that he and his co-conspirators will continue to the “fight the fight” and that “this is just the beginning.” Next up? A push for “Kentucky Kicks Ass” license plates.