KBP’s Open Mind, $60M And General Hunger

By SuperSpy Comment


MDC’s Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners has been banging out Wendy’s spots, but will now have to make room for Avon’s fragrance business. The shop won the estimated $60M account [via Adweak]. SoHo Square, a WPP shop, will continue to be the lead on skincare, wellness and recruitment efforts.

AdWeak is also reporting that Kirshenbaum is hungry to bring on 50 bodies across all departments, including creative and account management. Get those resumes dusted off, kids.

We’re interested in learning more about Open Mind, a division of KBP. The website describes it as a strategy team specializing in “customized insight services, including innovative qualitative and quantitative research, team facilitation, brand repositioning, and strategic consulting. open mind has become known for innovative, “hybrid” research, using multiple research approaches to uncover deep, “ownable” insights, and for actionable strategic thinking that takes into account constantly changing consumer behavior and the hyper-change happening in the media landscape.”

Seriously… hybrid research. What does that mean? Ownable insights. Uh-hunh. Hyper change. Why is it that agencies are always striving to sound like William Gibson?

Open Mind cites the USA Network, COMEDY CENTRAL, Univision, HBO and numerous other stations as clients. Plus some travel destinations and oddly, Applegate Farms.

We’d love to see some of Open Mind’s work and learn a little more about all that junk in their opening statement. Let’s see the goods. Anyone?