It’s a Reunion, Folks!

By Kiran Aditham Comment

As Stephen King once wrote, “sometimes they come back” and today in AgencySpy-land, those words ring true. We’re happy to report that the three generations of AgencySpy editors will all be contributing content to the site beginning next week.

Background: It all slowly started coming to fruition a few weeks back when we (meaning myself, Matt Van Hoven and Superspy) all got together for drinks, talked some smack and shared our AS war stories. As the tales of terror and triumph bounced back and forth, a host of ideas popped up on how my predecessors could still be involved with the site. I guess we are a hard thing to let go after all, especially for Superspy, who is our founding editor of course. Anyhow, frequency of posts from both parties is yet to be determined as they do have full-time gigs, but they will be posting as their respective schedules allow. I myself will be staying on as your faithful editor to rein in and oversee all the content that pours in and will be still be posting my own items on a daily basis.

We’ll see how long this Voltron-like experiment lasts, but in addition to the return of AgencySpy alumni, we’re happy to welcome a new writer onboard this coming Monday, one who shall remain anonymous but is well-connected within the agency world and loves to rabble-rouse. Why all this now, you ask? Well, the interest level was high among everyone involved and it seems like the right time to light a fire again under the industry’s ass.

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