Is Your Social Life Worth an A or an F? Here’s One Way to Find Out

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Guess you can consider it an ego boost or bust depending on how well you score on Ultimat Vodka’s “Social Life Audit,” which was created by the Patron Spirits brand’s new AOR Amalgamated and Stink Digital and measures your offline social life.

Yes, the “Audit” is another Facebook-based project that you can access via Connect and will use facial recognition API, “mood analysis technologies” as well as a database of 2.5 million bars, restaurants and clubs to analyze your FB pictures and Places check-ins. Depending on how well you score, the Audit will give you a pass/fail grade and provide you with an infographic presentation of your results if you’re still confused (by the way, judging from the “Player” shot in the video above, we’d be glad to be anything but). Like anything on Facebook basically, you can share with friends and invite them to get audited. Even if your offline social life is bad to godawful, at least this audit is far less painful than one from the IRS.