In Honor of Movember, Please Dad, Grow Back the ‘Stache

By Erik Oster Comment

We hope you’re not too tired of Movember, because we have a fun moustache-related item today. Two creatives over at Reno agency The Glenn Group started a website to get their dads to grow back their signature ‘staches. (So far one of the fathers has started growing it back, while the other has not.)

On Grow It Back Dad, they explain the reason for the site’s existence “If your old man had a mustache, and like ours, he did the unthinkable by shaving it off and going around bare-lipped, then this site is for you. We have the tools you need to get your dad to grow his ‘stache back, all while getting involved in the epically good cause that is Movember.”

If you were expecting, like me, for this to be accompanied by photos of their father’s nifty seventies moustaches, you’ll be disappointed. This is a pretty glaring omission, as you’d think shots of the fathers with and without their facial hair (and then with the facial hair re-grown) would be the backbone of the campaign. But fear not, there are plenty of shots of other people’s father’s moustaches over at Grow It Back Dad’s Facebook page, and also this funny picture of what Full House era Bob Saget would look like with a Hulk Hogan moustache: photo

If you’d like your dad to grow back his signature ‘stache, Grow It Back Dad has a form letter you can use to send dad a heartfelt email. If that won’t work, there’s also a petition to persuade your father that the world really misses that hair under his lip. There’s also a link to the Movember site, and a link to the Facebook page, where you can upload photos of your dad’s moustache — or just some random funny ‘staches. Enjoy the Movember madness, and we hope your dad listens to reason and grows back his lip warmer.