imc2 Health & Wellness Undergoes Restructuring in NY

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Well, tipsters were right once again as MEplusYou, aka the agency formerly known as imc2, has now officially announced that it is restructuring the New York office of its Health & Wellness unit, with the creative and project management functions transitioning to the agency’s Dallas headquarters over the next 60 days.

While those on the Spy line are claiming that imc2 Health & Wellness NY is “effectively closing” (which is something we’ve heard before), the agency says otherwise, releasing a statement that says, “Client-facing functions such as strategy and account leadership will remain in the New York office.” In addition, the ME+YOU/imc2/whatever you want to call it camp states that “theĀ  New York office will continue to service clients and is currently hiring strategy and account management positions.” No word yet on what the staff count is expected to be in NY once the transition/restructuring is complete, but we’ll try and keep you posted.