Huge, Crispin and Mullen Beat Out by Liggett Stashower for Best Internship

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

internshipking-com Picture 1.pngA competition seeking to determine which companies have the best internships has deemed Liggett Stashower, a branding agency with advertising and pr roots, the 4th best. tallied votes from 125,093 people in determining the winner &#151 and somehow Liggett Stashower beat out Huge, Mullen and Crispin, each of which were in the top 11 companies prior to the final round.

When we initially reported on this competition, Huge was not in the top 10. However a spokesperson emailed to tell us that the agency actually had more votes than one of the top 10, and managed to get them into the final round. Wow, that’s a long way to go for an internship competition. Anyway it didn’t matter because in the end Liggett Stashower took 4th place, with Intuit taking first, Sirius/XM in second, MooseJaw in third and American Airlines in fifth. Click here to read why LS is so beloved.

Update: A HUGE rep emailed to say, “For posterity, I’ll note that we beat FOUR of the other finalists in the primary round, getting the 7th most votes. We didn’t just squeak in by beating one.”

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