Holly Pavlika Moves Up from ECD to MD at Big Fuel

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Former G2 ECD/EVP-turned-CCO Holly Pavlika, who moved onto GM’s social media agency of choice Big Fuel in early 2009, has been promoted from ECD to managing director of said shop’s New York office. During her two-year tenure, Pavlika has led social media and consumer engagement efforts for GM, Fisher-Price, Alcon, McDonald’s, Neutrogena and Colgate-Palmolive.

Now that she’s assumed her MD post, Pavlika explains in a statement that brands are overcoming the social media hump. “Social media is more than just putting up a Facebook page or launching into Twitter,” she says. “Companies are starting to understand the potential of social media as part of an integrated marketing plan.¬† Building communities in social means a long-term commitment, one in which you must engage with your communities on a regular basis with relevant content and very few social media companies are currently providing this to their clients.¬† And what we’ve built with Big Fuel Studios is a huge differentiator¬† with today’s client demand-and customers desire -for content and entertainment creation.”