Hill Holliday Cuts a Few


By Kiran Aditham Comment

hillhollidayWe received a few tips about this today, so let’s just clarify things for a sec. Sources familiar with the matter tell us that Hill Holliday has had to cut a few staffers, specifically in the creative department. From what we’ve been told, the cuts affect less than two percent of staff at the Boston-based, IPG-owned agency. Sources say that the reductions were made as part of a strategic restructuring reshuffling of talent at Hill Holliday, which of course has taken the lead on Cadillac creative but is also in the midst of the Liberty Mutual review. Regarding the latter, word from sources is that a decision is expected to be made by month’s end/early January. Hill Holliday, which also works with clients including Dunkin Donuts, has handled the Liberty Mutual account since 2005.