Hey Ad Industry, JWT Wants to Hear Your Playlists

By Kiran Aditham Comment

With Advertising Week just over a month away, JWT is getting into the spirit of things by teaming up with Pandora to launch a station based solely on the playlists sent by the “top minds” in the industry. The two parties behind the effort are looking for the top 10 (or so) songs that inspire you, which those of you interested in playing DJ can submit here. Deadline to send your “mixtape” is this Friday, August 26, at noon EST and the JWT/Pandora station will officially begin broadcasting during the week of September 12.

The station ties into a JWT/Pandora event that will take place during Advertising Week on October 3 at 2:30PM in the Times Center Hall. Yes, there will be a panel that includes a “Pandora musicologist.” Click here for more info.