Here’s a Promo for the ‘Martin Agency Kitchen’ We’ve Been Hearing Plenty About

By Kiran Aditham Comment

We’re not sure why the multiple tipsters who have hit us up about this since late last week are already giving high praise (filled with many exclamation points) to a program that has yet to even start. But whatever the case, now someone from the Spy line was nice enough to send the above video that perhaps gives us more insight into the Martin Agency Kitchen, which is the Richmond, VA agency’s brand new internship program. There’s not a whole lot of detail to go on at this point as we’ve been told that Martin is currently accepting applications for January but everything’s still in the early stages. For now, you can revel in the brief promo above as well as the hyped-up Kitchen Pitch below:

“Combine 15 overachieving prodigies from the worlds of art, copy, design, film, digital and business, give ’em actual real-world assignments and you get The Martin Agency Kitchen. No, we won’t bore you with culinary-puns and hackneyed cooking metaphors. Although that would be kinda fun.

We’re here to throw down the gauntlet and ask you if you’re up for the challenge to blow people’s minds with the kickassest of kickass work EVER CREATED.

So are you ready to bring the pain for three months and come home with three completed projects like: a killer music video, new business, branded apps, art installations and alien-grade inventions? Then read on, amigos.”