Have an Awesome Idea for a Website? Read This Flowchart First

By Bob Marshall Comment

From the minds of Vitamin T and the Barbarian Group comes yet another infographic, the follow-up to the (surprisingly mistake-ridden) Ad Agency Bloodline we saw last month. However, this one, a flowchart instead of a graph, rings too true.

So You Think You Can Build a Website” tries to convince those who believe they can be the next Internet sensation to consider an alternative career if their ideas don’t match their skills (or, the money to hire someone with the necessary skills). Not rich? Well you better have design skills. Does your social media strategy consist entirely of have multiple Twitter accounts to re-Tweet yourself as many times as possible? Well, that may help your Klout score, but it probably won’t help your site take off. No, you might not have skill set to get your idea off the ground as a website. But, if your idea is so unbelievably awesome that people go into hysterical fits upon hearing it, have you considered just making a Tumblr or a free WordPress blog?