Guy Who Will ‘Wear Your Shirt’ Tries to Extend 15 Minutes of Fame by Selling Off Last Name

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Do you remember this guy? Well, if not, he’s one Jason Sadler, who four years ago vowed to wear any logo on a shirt for a price and double it to do anything else, we suppose, as part of the deal. Well, our friend is trying to prove Warhol wrong and extend his career, which has now apparently expanded into the digital marketing world.

If you have to squint at the image, no worries, Sadler is indeed auctioning off his last name. Bidding for “BuyMyLastName” is currently at $34.5K for the surname surrender, which our lad is doing to donate funds back into his “Shirt” cause while also scaling his three-person team into a “bonafide creative agency that helps brands build digital campaigns.” Well, Sadler promises that 10 percent of the cause will go back to charity, and as of now, his last name is “JLabAudio.” If you hold off until the auction’s expiration date on Dec. 12, we won’t be mad atcha, but we’re somewhat anxious to see what come out when he officially adopts his new last name on Jan. 1 (and will keep it throughout 2013).