Guy Vows to Hitchhike Over 4,000 Miles in Drawls to Aid Cancer Research

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Ladies and gents, meet Mark McIntyre, a testicular cancer survivor who will seen be embarking on a brave mission to trek across Canada in nothing but his underwear. Why in the hell would one do this up north in the middle of November. Well, McIntyre, who dubs himself “The Gitchhiker,” will attempt to hitch rides, swim with polar bears, ski, hike and film it all in 21 days in order to raise $20,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society and its below-the-belt cancer research.

Along the way, the Gitch will be sporting nothing but the full line of attire from Stanfield’s, a Nova Scotia-based men’s undergarment brand that will put up the $20K if and when McIntyre makes it from Vancouver to their factory in Truro within the three-week timespan. Aiding in the cause is toronto’s john st., the indie agency which just recently introduced us to its fictitious, but amusing “Buyral” service. This isn’t the first time Stanfield’s and McIntyre have joined forces to raise ball cancer awareness, as the parties collaborated in 2010 on the online “Guy at Home in His Underwear” initiative. We congratulate the Gitchhiker for finally leaving the house and trying something more ambitious for a good cause. You can follow his adventure, which kicks off this Wednesday, Nov. 14, via Twitter and Facebook.