Guy Hopes Brandcenter ‘Who?’ Spoof Will Get Him into VCU (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham Comment


While the search for Rick Boyko’s replacement at VCU Brandcenter continues, a young lad named Roderick Jensen just wants to get into the damn school. So what better way to apply than to spoof VCU’s “Who?” site? That’s exactly what Jensen has done, turning his personal site into a note-for-note replica of the Brandcenter’s online Who search hub, complete with a video plea and stat charts (poor bastard has been on the wait list for 77 days and counting). Jensen is currently a project manager at New York-based Gardner Nelson & Partners, but seems to be aching to head down south to Richmond, VA. Good luck, dude.

Update: Wow, what a bunch of scrooges those VCU folks are. Looks like Jensen got a cease & desist order and had to pull down his site and post this generic statement instead:

“I have been asked to remove the previous content on this site.
Thank you to everyone who visited, tweeted, and shared.
I’ll be sure to update this when I hear from VCU Brandcenter.
Thanks again,
Roderick Jensen”

Don’t know if this will help your chances, Roderick, but good luck and a solid boo to all of you humorless folks at VCU.