Guy Behind ‘Gimpressionism’ Movement Returns with Even Stranger Collection

By Kiran Aditham Comment

About eight months ago, we mentioned the art works of one Chris Elzinga, a San Francisco-based copywriter who indulged his fascination with sadomasochism in a collection he dubbed “Gimpressionism.” Well, the Bay area scribe, who currently freelances at Pereira & O’Dell and has worked with the likes of Cutwater, Organic, Draftfcb and AKQA over the years, has moved on and unveiled a new movement called “Prudism.” The name itself should provide some sort of hint as to what direction Elzinga’s taken with his art as it celebrates, with tongue firmly in cheek, the end of “crass indecency.”

According to the man himself, “The patron saint of this movement is former Attorney General John Ashcroft, a God-fearing man of righteous indignation who had the courage and conviction to demand that the naked Greek statue in the Justice Department be covered for sake of its crass indecency, namely stone boobs.” There are about nine pieces in Elzinga’s “Prudism” collection, which might not be too safe for work even if the naughty bits are covered up. And yes, that is a unicorn with a blurred-out dong. Ah, the life of an agency freelancer never ceases to amaze. Check out Elzinga’s full Prudism collection here.