Gotham is Here to Offer Gift Ideas on the Fast and Cheap

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Try as we may, but we can’t really avoid the deluge of holiday contributions, but we can surely ignore them…unless they catch our eye, of course, like this entry from IPG-owned, NYC-based agency, Gotham. For those of you bereft of gift ideas who are carrying nothing but tattered old business cards and lint in your wallets/purses, Gotham has some creative, quickfire solutions to help you out this time of year.

With a little ingenuity, you can make the most out of useless items, supplies and other office knick-knacks to come up with a seasonal gift for next to nothing. For instance, the clip above shows you how directors reels that are collecting dust can be turned into wreaths that will appeal to those celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah. Or, there’s the “popcorn ball snowman” that’ll come to life with the help of a Snickers bar and a few pencils. Sure, these gifts will prove that you’re a cheap bastard, but at least you can show off your craftiness from the comfort of your desk at the office. Check out more of Gotham’s holiday handiwork here.