Google ‘Street Boo’ Co-Creator Pens ‘Hate’ Tome to Fictional Co-Worker

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Mark Svartz, a former BBH NY ACD who was jointly responsible for perhaps one of the most creative Halloween costumes we saw this year, has written a book called I Hate You, Kelly Donahue. If the title doesn’t give away too much, let us tell you that it looks and sounds like the second coming of Heathers.

Right now, Svartz is going all-out to profess his loathing and promote his book, which comes out Jan. 15, via a Facebook presence, website and even a street campaign (poster above) that lets you dial-in your hate for Kelly (some of the more bizarre messages are posted on the Facebook page). Guess she now knows what Tommy Tutone felt like in the ’80s. We’re looking to get actual page grabs from the book so stay tuned if you’d like. FYI, Svartz is currently back copywriting on the freelance circuit.

Update: Regarding the phone number he posted, Svartz tells us that the calls go to a Google Voice # he set up. He then recorded the voicemail message so it sounds like it’s actually Donahue’s phone line. The scribe then gets email notifications whenever someone leaves a message or text, and it saves the voicemails as mp3s. According to Svartz, he’s already received over 100 messages.

Update 2: Pics!