Gignac Revives ‘NYC Garbage’, Salutes Gay Marriage Legalization, NY Giants

By Kiran Aditham Comment

After a two-year hiatus, Justin Gignac, he most recently of “Working Not Working” fame, is once again getting his hands dirty as he’s resurrected his “NYC Garbage” project, where the Big Apple’s trash becomes his muse. To mark his return to the art world, Gignac chose two significant, New York-based events that occurred over the last year for his latest works: the first day same-sex marriage was legal (July 24, 2011) and the New York Giants post-Super Bowl ticker-tape parade in February.

If you don’t know what the 11-year-old NYC Garbage effort is, you can check out the newly redesigned site here. Anyhow, for the same-sex portion, Gignac’s trash-collecting efforts took him to City Hall and the end result is five, $100 limited-edition cubes (sorry, make that four now) filled with the goods that are each sealed, signed, numbered and dated by the artist. As for the Giants collection, which includes everything from confetti to 5-Hour Energy, bottles, there are currently 15 limited-edition cubes being sold, same deal, same price. For those of you unfamiliar with NYC Garbage and are baffled as to why anyone in their right mind would fork over a Benjamin for a cube, take into consideration that Gignac’s sold over 1,300 of them in 29 countries since 2001.