Former Grey Execs Launch The BAM Connection

By Erik Oster Comment

-19A pair of former Grey executives — Rob Baiocco and Maureen Maldari — officially launched The BAM Connection today in Brooklyn with “the tenacious pursuit of creativity through simplicity” as their mission statement. Located at 20 Jay Street, in the middle of the tech mecca Dumbo, The BAM Connection launches with a list of clients that includes Terlato Wines, The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and Wrangler Western Jeans, and will also be an active member of The Ad Council.

“The world of marketing is way overcomplicated,” explains Baiocco. “And all that complexity sucks the life out of ideas, gets in the way of speed, and strangles creativity. Simplicity liberates creativity. And from there, the ideas just explode outward.”

“When you’ve lived, and fought that complexity everyday, you know how to eliminate it,” added Maldari. “And I’ve gotta believe clients will rejoice because they must be exhausted by it.”

The BAM Connection hinges their approach on what they call “The One Shot Answer,” which they define as “one short, compelling phrase that nails your brand meaning, then directs and connects all your communications.” Baiocco and Maldari think the approach will appeal to those growing tired of the traditional agency model.

“The BAM Connection is not a traditional agency model trying to incorporate digital,” Baiocco says. “It is not a digital agency model trying to figure out branding. The BAM Connection was born as the perfect hybrid from the get go. It’s a new model. Between all the endless marketing speak, and the explosion of new platforms, marketing has become more overwhelming than ever. We strip away all the superfluous stuff. With our experience, we know exactly what’s adding value, what’s not, what could and should be cut out.” The BAM Connection eliminates what he calls the “Diddle in the Middle” — “the crush of agency middle management who don’t do, and can’t decide.” He adds, “Large agencies have a big, flabby spare tire of people that clients pay for who don’t actually do any work, and have no authority to decide anything. Everyone at The BAM Connection does, decides, or both.”

The BAM Connection, he adds, combines “global powerhouse experience” (he and Maldari “spent years driving billions of dollars in value for national and international brands like Captain Morgan, Pringles, Aquafresh, Direct TV, Botox and E*Trade” while at Grey) and “nimble, startup agility.” While clients usually would have to settle with or the other, with The BAM Connection they get both.

Currently, The BAM Connection is working on a multimedia campaign launching a new product for Wrangler Western Jeans, a new campaign and product launch for Terlato Wines, and a stroke awareness campaign featuring NBA star Paul George for The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Baiocco informs us that “numerous, undisclosed pitches” are presently in the works, as well as “several ground-level, equity ventures.”