First ‘United Breaks Guitars’, Now ‘iPhone Hell’

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

Those of us who haven’t caved into getting an AT&T iPhone are feeling pretty good after watching this faux iPhone spot created by an unhappy feller named Pat Lee. The parody is clean, to say the least, though it sort of unfairly blamed Apple when AT&T is the lacking company. Nonetheless, it’s a good watch.

Writes Lee in the video description: “I love my iPhone but hate AT&T with a seething animosity. I know I’m not the only one. So great was my frustration that I was inspired to make this 30-second commercial in the style of Apple’s ubiquitous ads. Oh, did I mention I hate AT&T?”

The only question remaining: what change, if any, would one expect to come from this type of response video? It is, for all intents and purposes, an advertisement. It’s one for the people and, in that way, more true than any paid spot (though we can’t say if there’s any money behind this). Legions of unhappy AT&T customers could rally behind this ad (or, at least, their computer screens) and share it millions of times. Maybe some will watch it from their iPhones, over AT&T’s network. But until Verizon Wireless ponies up the dough to bring the iPhone into their realm, we can’t (and won’t) expect anything to change. Where’s my clamshell…?


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