FiberOne Opens Eyes, Stomachs, Senses of Humor to ‘The Truth About Diets’

By Jordan Teicher Comment

You know that feeling you get when watching something that is supposed to be funny: now there’s pressure on the creators to make you laugh, and since you’re aware of it, you’re harder to impress. FiberOne’s ongoing Snack Drama¬†campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi NY, has that prerequisite element, and it still manages to flow with humor that’ll make you laugh, or at least smile.

(Before I proceed, I’d just like to acknowledge the future commenters preparing their disparaging remarks aimed at FiberOne, Saatchi NY, me, AgencySpy, humanity, anyone who has every liked anything. We get it. You don’t think it’s funny. Or you think the campaign is a derivative of 42 other campaigns that were already created. Or you work in advertising but secretly hate your career and suffer from pathological self-loathing. You can disagree, but please do it with some respect. Okay, go ahead now.)

Anyway, “The Truth About Dieting” is funny. It’s a one-minute satire of diets ranging from the hypnotherapy diet to the juice cleanse. If you’ve seen earlier¬†Snack Drama spots, which we covered ten days ago, you will recognize some of the actresses who are whining, screaming, or just going bat-crazy because of their ridiculous diets. There’s surprisingly no product placement, and if you don’t pay close attention, you may not even recognize that it’s an ad at all. So for people who like subtle branding and not-so-subtle humor, this video is for you. A simple yet effective concept that should play well on television.