Feel Free to Kill 5 Minutes of Your Time with ‘The Riddlist’


By Kiran Aditham Comment

Schuyler P. Hunt, the VCU alum who was one of the co-conspirators behind last year’s “Agency Fight” effort, is back with another little project called “The Riddlist.” According to Hunt, who is now a creative technologist at Mullen (which we assume has nothing to do with this), the site was inspired by a homeless man at Boston’s South Station who dubbed himself “The Riddlist.” Why? Because instead of just asking people for money, he’d earn it by stumping them with a riddle, which would cost them $1 if he succeeded. There’s no cost, though, to play along on Hunt’s site, which as you can see, let’s you read/hear riddles or, if you’re feeling clever enough, add your own.