Euro Cinches Hefty

By Kiran Aditham Comment

You know, when you’re chasing a tip or two around all day and you realize it’s already been stowed away like a nest egg with a rival who only wants to turn their noses up, what the hell can you do? Anyhow, it’s all for naught, and we realize what will become of sleeping on a matter, so anyhow, sorry for attending some events, but during our downtime, Euro RSCG has nabbed AOR dibs for Hefty and Reynolds. Here’s a quick note to agency and client folks: We don’t mean you any harm, you can tell us the truth honestly without bowing down to the whims of some other publication that’s as fossilized as the cast from Cocoon.

Anyhow, as Adage reports now, and as our sources familiar with the matter told us before said trade reported it, “Earlier this year [Campbell Mithun was] informed when Reynolds took over Pactiv that [the] contract would not be renewed.”  We guess all is fair in love and garbage, but you seriously can cinch that.